Tentunya kita sering mendengar, melihat dan membaca kata-kata In, Out, Entrance, Exit.

Namun apakah diantara kalian ada yang merasa aneh dengan penggunaan dan penempatan kata-kata tersebut?

Menurut pendapat saya sebagian besar masyarakat kita salah dalam menggunakan dan menempatkan kata-kata tersebut. semisal di Mall, Plasa atau Gedung Perkantoran untuk masuk dan keluar menggunakan kata In dan Out, mungkin Anda berpikir, emang salah ya? kalau menurut saya sih kurang tepat. Silahkan baca arti kata-kata tersebut (maaf karena artinya sangat banyak, maka hanya saya beri linknya saja:

Jika ingin menggunakan kata bahasa inggris untuk masuk dan keluar yang merujuk masuk atau keluar dari sebuah gedung ruangan maka pergunakanlah entrance dan exit

1 [countable] a door, gate etc that you go through to enter a place [? exit]
entrance to/of 

the main entrance to the school



the station entrance


2 [countable usually singular] the act of entering a place or room, especially in a way that people notice: 

Bridget made a dramatic entrance into the room.


3 [uncountable] the right or ability to go into a place 

entrance to 

Entrance to the museum is free.


Reporters even managed to gain entrance to her hotel.

How much is the entrance fee (=money you pay to get in somewhere)?

4 [uncountable] permission to become a member of or become involved in a profession, university, society etc: 

the initial interview for entrance to the Civil Service



5 [countable] when a person, country, organization etc first becomes involved in a particular area of activity 

entrance into 

The referendum blocked Switzerland’s entrance into the European Economic Area.



make your/an entrance

to come onto the stage in a play


ex?it [countable]
1 a door or space through which you can leave a public room, building etc: 

We made for the nearest exit.


an exit door


Two men were blocking her exit.

emergency/fire exit (=a special door used only when there is a fire etc)


2 [usually singular] when you leave a room or building: 

They made a quick exit when they saw the police approaching.


3 a place where vehicles can leave a road such as a motorway, and join another road

Take the next exit for Lynchburg.


4 [usually singular] when someone stops being involved in a competition or business, especially because they have not been successful [= departure]

France’s early exit from the World Cup
Mari pergunakan bahasa Inggris dengan benar meskipun saya tidak sepenuhnya menguasai dengan baik dan benar namun saya tetap belajar terus.


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